Attention Last Minute Gift Shoppers

We’ve Got You Covered
December 17, 2019
December 17, 2019
What We Considered

✓   Customizable gifts

✓   E-Gift Card availability

✓   Fashion, Goods, and Home options

Our Picks

✓   Oak + Fort - E-Gift Card

✓   Hawthorne - E-Gift Card

✓   BarkBox - E-Gift Card

Here's the truth: some of us are a bit less proactive when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for the people you love. We’ve been putting it off all month and here we are, one week away. Don’t fret if there’s still some ground to cover on your list. All of the brands featured here offer a virtual gifting option. Better yet, most of these brands let you customize the products you want which means a gift card is the only answer. Be sure to give some extra love to these brands for helping us look like we totally didn’t *forget* anyone (the classic giftcard gift MO).


Grab a Hawthorne gift card. It’s the fool-proof way to get the men in your life excited about smelling good. This personal care is customized down to his job type— yes even profession can determine which scent is uniquely his own. Thanks to your generous gift, he can pick out anything he needs to keep himself smelling fresh and clean.


Whatever you do, you can’t leave the pups in your life empty handed. Send an E-Gift Card right to their owner’s inbox to spoil their pups with a little bit of everything. They can choose from the latest toys and treats Barkbox has to offer (yes, they have  a different theme every month). Now your pups can roll with the cool crowd.


Our favorite pj brand is making it easier than ever to gift last minute. Grab a virtual Lunya gift card for anyone who is looking for a luxury sleeping experience. All pj's are machine washable and made from fina silk and pima. Now, Lunya’s making sure everyone can sleep in cozy, breathable pj’s with the recent launch of Lahgo, Lunya’s men’s line.

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