Allbirds Releases Special Edition Color Line

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August 12, 2019
August 11, 2019
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If you’ve checked out our Men’s Sneaker article, you’ll see that Allbirds is revolutionizing the shoe game. If this is your first click, let us tell you more. Keeping it simple, Allbirds is changing the way sneakers are made, using sustainable materials. Their signature Wool Runners are made from the finest merino wool in New Zealand. And yes, they’re available in men’s, women’s, and kids– so everyone gets a pair, duh. If sneakers aren’t your thing, they’ve even got Tree Breezers that’ll save your life when you’re running late and need to power walk 5 blocks to your next meeting. But our all time favorite feature is you can even check out the very sheep that helped make your sneaks in their Meet the Materials section of their website. 

Allbirds aren’t just wool, they’ve figured out how to break down trees and sugar (yes you read that right) to give our feet top of the line support for any part of the day. These puppies are not only great for our feet, but sustainably and ethically manufactured. We know that our feet sustain the most impact all day, so here are some things you should know:

✓  Merino wool is itch free and water resistant

✓  Shoelaces are made with 100% recycled materials

✓  Wool padded insole means they’re extra supportive and retain less odor

✓  Castor bean oil is added to insoles for maximum cushioning– but less carbon output

✓  Low-density foam sole for lightweight movement and friction control

✓  S tread on sole mimics our foot anatomy for flexibility and weight distribution

What’s it to you? Well, Allbirds just released the Limited Edition Savanna Collection really cranking up their color game. We've gone beyond the basics. Sneakers this cool deserve to stand out, and these colors do just that.

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