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November 6, 2019
November 7, 2019
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Looking for some holiday gift inspiration? Weezie is bringing us luxury-quality towels that actually dry you off. Their long staple cotton is highly absorbent so you can stay wrapped up after a steamy shower without any winter chills. 

They’re doing all the thinking for you— thanks to the hospitality knowledge that comes from Weezie founders Liz and Lindsey— their towels even have hooks to easily hang dry. Did we mention they have bathrobes now too? Their button-up sleeves make anything possible so get ready to spend some quality time in your robe.

Plus, everything is customizable. They’ve brought back monogramming in the best way— and it’s only a $15 add on. Talk about a well thought-out, long-lasting holiday gift— or self splurge, treat yourself.

For any Weezie orders that include embroidery, order by 11/29 to ensure holiday delivery!

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Image Credit: Weezie, @weezietowels

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