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Some Fitness Inspo Headed Your Way
June 19, 2020
June 17, 2020
What We Considered

✓   For at-home and in the gym

✓   Step-up your workout game

✓   Any skill-level

Our Picks

✓   Bala - Easiest to add to your routine

✓   Aila - Best pre-workout for women

✓   Nuprava - Most eco-conscious

Over the past few months, some of us have mastered the art of the at-home workout. Whether that be relying on the videos emailed from your gym, or googling the best recommended on Tik Tok, you’re trying to keep yourself moving. If the gym never really was your thing, now may be the time to look at a few workout accessories that are the perfect motivation to get active. The best part is, these accessories fit in with daily life, sans the need to become a gym rat. Instead, you get to focus on looking and feeling good on your own time.



Before you ask, no these are not the hottest new accessory about to walk the Fall 2020 runway— but hey, they could be. Bala bangles are your new best friend, whether you are adding these to your HIT workouts, or just wearing them around the house to add a bit more resistance to everyday chores — look at that, you can burn calories while you sip your favorite summer cocktail on the patio.

The Facts

✓   1 or 2 pound options

✓   Wrist and ankle-friendly

✓   Fashion-forward

Brand Standards

✓  Female-Founded, husband & wife run



Finding the right pre-workout routine is tough. Meet Aila, the female-founded, clean, matcha-based pre workout that will have you energized for your AM class, and focused on whatever else the day may bring. Also, you can take these easy-to-go packs anywhere and everywhere, no protein shaker needed. 

The Facts

✓   Matcha-based pre workout

✓   80-90 mg of caffeine

✓  L-theanine, to help reduce stress

Brand Standards

✓   Female-founded

✓  Non-gmo and vegan-friendly



Nuprava’s Unity Mat is made with premium , microfiber suede to ensure no slipping during your Sun Salutations each morning. Made with only eco-conscious materials it is easy to take your latest yoga pose anywhere in the world. Plus, this mat is machine washable making it easy to keep clean and sanitized once you start your hot yoga sessions again.

The Facts

✓   Premium quality

✓   Natural hues to stay relaxed

✓   Easy-to-clean

Brand Standards

✓   Sustainable materials

✓   Female-founded

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Photo Credits: @bala, @nuprava, @aila

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