A Verticale Value Deep Dive

It's Time To Be Inclusive
February 25, 2021
March 1, 2021
What We Considered

✓  Inclusive

Our Picks

✓   The Standard Stitch - Sizes for all body types

✓   A.N. Other  - Breaking gender barriers

✓   AAVRANI - Made for all women and all ethnicities

It’s the 21st century and we are only welcoming the brands who meet our standards. Our value Inclusivity & Individuality allows us to find the brands who are focused on a better future— one where we don’t have to worry about if we’re the perfect size with the perfect skin, or have our pronouns perfectly figured out. Those factors shouldn’t decide what we’re buying. Scroll down to check out the brands breaking down the stigmas and challenging the norm, all for the greater good.

A.N. Other


Nothing frilly or overly fruity, and absolutely nothing added to give you flashbacks to the days of colones in an aerosol can. Instead, the A.N. Other has chosen to create a line of clean scents without the gender labels. And if you need help finding your signature scent, don’t worry — that’s what the discovery set is for.



The founder of AAVRANI Rooshy Roy has tapped into her own Indian roots to curate a line of skincare that is effective for all women’s skin— ethnicities included. The key is finding naturally derived ingredients sans any lab chemicals that work with the skin to leave a clear and glowing complexion.

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