A Style Influencer’s Take On Baby Bump Fashion

Em Roberts Gives Us The Scoop On Three Go-To Maternity Brands
March 22, 2020
March 19, 2020
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When it comes to style influence, Em Roberts of The Lipstick Fever has always been a trusted source of ours due to her down-to-earth nature nature and ability to dress insanely well without ever trying too hard. Formerly a New Yorker, she moved across the pond to London a few years back, where her and her hubby are now celebrating the arrival of their newest family member, Baby Z.

We recently caught up with Em about, what else, baby bump friendly fashion. It was refreshing to hear that what was important to her when getting dressed every day is wildly relatable: still feeling like herself. In order to make that happen she developed a list of go-tos - and we so happened to get her insight on these top online maternity brands that you'll want to know.

You have two options: keep these insiders tips to yourself - or send them to someone who needs maternity style inspo. You know which one we vote for.

Girlfriend Collective Maternity Legging, $88

The Verticale: When you’re becoming a new mom, every decision becomes personal. Tell us, what did you look for when shopping for bump-friendly clothes?

From the beginning it was super important that I still felt like ‘me’ despite going through the roller coaster that is pregnancy and having this new bump. I envisioned doing so and getting dressed each day would be more difficult than it was.  What worked well for me was sticking with a mix of my already favorite brands, and going for a more oversized or relaxed fit depending on the style and then finding maternity brands that had great staple pieces.  Luckily, oversized everything is very in right now, so huge sweaters and blazers paired with a great maternity legging or jean became staple outfits.

Legoe Heritage Nadia Dress, $99

What are three maternity brands that kept you feeling like yourself - and what should people know about them?

I did manage to find a few maternity brands that had great options for the bump. For athleisure sets my go-to was Girlfriend Collective. Cozy basics? An AU-based brand called Legoe Heritage. And for denim, a brand I love both maternity and non-maternity is DL 1961.

Girlfriend Collective for athleisure sets.

From an athleisure standpoint, Girlfriend Collective delivered - their sets are SO comfy and stretchy.  I have their maternity leggings in two colors and wear them non-stop.  The leggings in particular don’t feel restrictive at all.  In these sets I still felt like my total self with their comfy matching bras to go with.  Whether I was hitting a pilates or pregnancy workout (or just going for coffee, ha!) these were the mainstay during the daytime.

Legoe Heritage for cozy basics.

Legoe Heritage felt so in sync with my style with their cotton basics and muted color palette.  They even have biker shorts and cropped cozy tops that are completely bump friendly which is such a win in my book.

DL1961 for maternity denim.

DL1961 is a go-to both pre-pregnancy and post due to their high quality and level of comfort.  They also have tons of options for maternity styles, which can be very challenging to find - from skinny jeans to shorts and overalls, they all sit really nicely underneath your bump.

Follow Em on Instagram @TheLipstickFever and check out her podcast The Big Move a motivating resource for women where she interviews female founders and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Photos by Em Roberts.

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