A Perfect Smile To Show Your Quaran-team

Easy Dental Hygiene At Your Doorstep
August 4, 2020
August 3, 2020
What We Considered

✓   At-home delivery

✓   Affordable price points 

✓   Benefits you will see

Our Picks

✓   Twice - Toothpaste that gives back

✓   Remi - Whitening & night guards

✓   Quip - Toothbrushes at your door

How many weeks have you bumped your dentist appointment back this year? This quarantine has absolutely not helped. We get it, taking care of your teeth can seriously rack up. A helpful tip? Starting a healthy oral hygiene routine that will most definitely mean less time in the office (being cavity-free still feels as good as it did back in the good old days), and a sparkling smile you’ll want to show off everywhere— for smiling pretty with your quaran-team.



Twice founders Jim and Cody Levine, and Lenny Kravitz (yes, you read that right) have made their mission simple: oral-care for all. Partnering with the Glo Good Foundation, a portion of all profits from the mineral-rich, vegan-friendly toothpaste (one for mornings, the other for nights) goes to help provide cleanings, fillings, and root canals to those in need. Clean teeth you can feel good about.

The Facts

✓   Full of Vitamin A,C, & E

✓   Clean ingredients

✓   Buy once or subscribe

Brand Standards

✓   Cruelty-Free

✓  Partnership with Glo Good Foundation



Remi lets you skip those extra, less important trips to the dentist with their custom night guards and whitening kits. A quick 411 on how this goes: Remi sends you an impression kit, you send it back, and just like that— custom dental right at your door for 80% less than the dentist’s office.

The Facts

✓   Custom Night Guards

✓   Custom Whitening Kits

✓   Delivered to your door

Brand Standards

✓  Radical price transparency



Quip is your tried and true one-stop-shop for everything brushing-routine related. Choose the color that will look best on your mirror, and get ready to brush with ease knowing the vibrations are timed to exactly two minutes. We suggest the Starter Set — it comes with floss that is measured and shows you exactly where to stop pulling. It’s the little things.

The Facts

✓   Toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss

✓   Toothbrush heads sent right to your door

✓   No wires or chargers necessary

Brand Standards

✓   Charity-Edition options

More Finds

Lucky for us, the way to a rockin’ smile has become even easier with more of our favorite brands who have found holes in the market for affordable, attainable, and yes even sustainable dental care. Who knows, after this you may be excited to brag to your dentist about your impeccable toothbrushing and whitening skills (a stretch, but we can dream).

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