20/20 Vision for 2020

Start The Decade Seeing Clearly
December 16, 2019
January 16, 2020
What We Considered

✓   Affordable pricing

✓   At home try-on technology

✓   Premium materials

Our Picks

✓   Warby Parker - Best ethical practices

✓   Felix Gray - Best blue light filter 

✓   David Kind - Best premium materials

We know what you’re going to say: glasses are just too expensive to get a new pair every year. Never fear, we’ve found the brands that are challenging the status quo. They’re making it easy to find styles by sending the styles you picked right to your doorstep. Plus, instead of spending on a designer name, you’re putting your money into new technology— aka the blue light filter that will finally end your headaches from staring at computer screens all day.

Warby Parker


Warby Parker is answering your busy-life wishes. Viola, five custom-picked frames delivered right to your doorstep so you can skip that extra appointment with the eye doctor this year. These in-house designed styles come at an affordable price-point. Plus, Warby Parker has recently launched Scout, their very own affordable contacts with a moist-feel guarantee.

The Facts

✓   Acetate and wireframe glasses

✓   57% water content contacts

✓   Home try-on option

Brand Standards

✓   Buy a pair, Give a pair

✓   Pupils Project, helping students

✓   Ethical manufacturing

Felix Gray


Started by people who spent their entire days staring at computer screens, the Felix Gray founders were on a mission to stop that tired-eye feeling after a long day at work. All of their optics come with Blue-Light filter technology— blocking those harmful rays only where it matters and to the highest standards. No more Digital Eye Strain here.

The Facts

✓   Anti-glare 

✓   Blue light day filters

✓   Wireframe and acetate styles

Brand Standards

✓   Ethical production practices

✓   Mission to spread eye-health awareness

David Kind


David Kind glasses are all about craftsmanship partnering with the best eyewear manufacturers from Sabae, Japan and Cadore, Italy. They take the time to use a photo measurement system to measure pupil distance, ocular center, and seg height for a custom fit to match your prescription— and don’t forget a classic frame that never goes out of style.

The Facts

✓   Scratch-resistant coating

✓   Anti-reflective and less night glare

✓   Zyl, pure titanium, or stainless steel

Brand Standards

✓   Obsessed with quality

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