A Very Verticale Holiday

Heading into a very different holiday season

Wishing You A Very Verticale Holiday

At The Verticale, we are excited to celebrate a Very Verticale holiday season this year! It’s a special time for us at The Verticale because of our recent marketplace launch, however it would be impossible to talk about the holidays this year without acknowledging that it’s a very different holiday season than ever before.

This year, we look at the holidays with empathy, with compassion, and through a very different lens. Some people are distanced from their families, some have lost loved ones, and some are dealing with a level of economic unease. As a company that promotes better brands and products, where we may have previously talked only about gift-giving and what to pack for your globetrotting adventure, we’ll now also be talking about self-care, how to enjoy the holidays from afar, and ways that our community is sending smiles and joy to their loved ones.

Our newly launched marketplace gives us the ability to support meaningful founder-led brands that operate as small businesses. Every one of our brand partners stacks up to at least one of our mission-driven Verticale Values. That means that you can relax with us, knowing that you’re always supporting the brands that matter.

This season you’ll find our Instagram account filled with takeovers from brand founders and micro-influencers talking how they’re adapting their holiday traditions this year, articles on the best brands for stay-at-home holidays, and so much more!
We hope that you’ll spend time with us, and we can’t wait to see you make the most of your holiday season. We’re always here at hello@theverticale.com. Reach out, take care of yourself, and spread joy wherever you go.

- Jaclyn & Michelle, Co-Founders